Neck Traction Device

What is it used for?

The portable Neck Traction Device is a new type of neck tractor designed to prevent and treat cervical spondylopathy. The frequent use of this health care product will alleviate neck area fatigue and ease the discomfort caused by cervical vertebrae disease.


This product is small in volume, light in weight (250g), powerful in traction (0-80kg) and long in traction range (1-20cm). It has a special dynamic structure that answers to the physiological neck curve and automatically protects the sensitive area in front of the neck when pumped into shape.

Use Advantages

The Neck Traction Device is practical and effective: it can be used in a sitting or a lying position and it is ideal while traveling. It has a convenient carry-on design, it can be easily operated and it is a safe product. There is no pain, and no risk associated with the device when used in accordance with the instructions provided by the manufacturer.


The current price of the Neck Traction Device is $60.00 (GST included).

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